Cafe Bazza with Yooni

A couple of weeks ago, and after some blood tests, I needed a quick bite before heading to work and I was getting drowsy and all when my friend Yooni called to ask if I wanna join her in Cafe Bazza for breakfast. Perfect timing 😉

We asked them to be seated in the upper floor, which was not open yet on  my first visit to the cafe. As many of you already know the decor/interiors of place is old and funky… like the picture above, modern looking “chandal”

The decoration of place… some hanging porcelain teapots and vintage posters

Old radio used as decoration in addition to a small dhow and Kuwaiti drums

Background classical music

Darb Al Zalag on their LCDs

And its food time 😀

I ordered balaleet (which is vermicelli and omlette traditional Kuwaiti dish). It was decent, but wished they actually used vermicelli instead of spaghetti! It would have been lighter… but all in all, it was very home-made like… Yooni ordered chicken livers which were one of the best I have ever tasted in all of Kuwait! I would go again and order those for my main course! The taste, the texture, the pomegranate molasses were all well balanced

This time I ordered one with ginger… I liked it 🙂 Loved the presentation… which consisted of (like I explained before) the “Estikana” (tea cup), and the tea pot was “Emlabbas” (painted teapots), and a mini “Duwwa” (charcoal brazier), only it was heated with candles instead… so nice and fitting with the team

I didnt know the total because the very kind and sweet Yooni paid for our breakfast (thanks :*)


For more, check out Bazza Cafe website here and follow them on Twitter @cafebazza

Tel: 1860860

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