Beyond Movements: 3 Fabulous Artists in 1 Exhibition

Last night I passed by FA Gallery to check out “Abdullah AlSaab by Shurooq” exhibition… the work of three different artists; Abdullah AlSaab the fashion designer, Shurooq Amin the multi-talented artist, and Bader AlBassam the photographer. Each one with a distinctive movement! A very artistic concept of intermingling fashion and art together inspired by movements of nature!

As I entered the gallery, I spotted Shurooq socializing with the guests (you can still vote for her DAILY here by the way 😉 ) I waited for her to finish 😉 and she gave me the grand tour 😉

First she introduced me to Abdullah AlSaab… and then we started walking around together. She started to explain the concept! Abdullah AlSaab design the pieces and making maximum of two each. He then hand them to Shurooq to add some of her personal touches (she hand paint them) creating different lines for their exhibition about nature as previously stated… then the work of the two together is shot by photographer Bader AlBassam whom I did not get to meet, but loved his work! Each piece is displayed with a short description, a poetry from “The Hanging of the Wind” by Shurooq, and photos by Bader. Nice combo I must say


Anyways…. This is the first piece she talked to me about. Its a unisex… and it is from the Golden Waves line – Silk cotton shirts with the artist own work at the back

This one is a vintage! A sackcloth cocktail dress mixed with cotton, and hand painted by Shurooq using a “leaf” as a stencil

Its called “Leaf Effect”… and you see that on the side of the dress

This one below is from the “Forrest Fantasy” – A tereco cotton jersey dress. Simple… the painting is on the upper part of the dress! From far away it looked like embroidery

A closer look

Another tereco cotton jersey dresses from the “Oceanic Splash”

The paining here is along the stitching that goes diagonal on the dress… splash of ocean 😉

Those two jersey spantex cotton dresses are from the “Garden of Love” collection. They are simple and elegant with taffeta sleeves for fun 😉

The kind of dress that takes the shape of the body itself… look how it looks different on the mannequin and in the photograph hanged on the wall

This is a piece I loved. Its called “Sci-Fi Black”. Spantex cotton dress mixed with tereco cotton!

A selection of cotton tees from the “Sea-Horse Fantasy”

This one is with some detail… a diagonal zipper

The “Purple Haze” collection! Another favorite of mine… Linen flirty shorts with tereco! hand painted on one side

All in all… this exhibition was unique in its own way! The work done and efforts put together showed a fashion-meet-art pieces! Limited pieces too – which will in turn gives exclusivity 😉

Loved this seating area by the way 😉

Anyways… last night was the opening night of the exhibition, it will be running till October 11th 2011 from 6:00PM to 9:00PM

FA Gallery is located in Sharq – Block 2 on Gulf Road – Villa 76 – Right next to Amiri Hospital

For more info

Tel: +965 22498999


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