Baking Tray’s Soups… & More ;)

I was at Baking Tray with my friend Dana N. for a quick snack the other day… I wasn’t really hungry so I wanted to check their soup of the day 😉

In case you haven’t heard, they have Soup du Jour large pot 😉 and they have set a menu for their soup, one kind each day of the week

Since it was Friday – I ordered French Onion Soup

Dana N. ordered cheese and zucchini sandwich… she added mushrooms 😉

She said it was really good! Ohhh I love the grill marks on the sandwich <3

As I waited for my soup, I munched on some bread and BT special spread that I love so much

My soup arrived and it looked different than I expected! I am used to have a clear dark broth kinda soup when it comes to French Onion Soup… with Baking Tray its always with a twist and special touches

The bread came in on the side not in the soup… and yes of course, I dipped it in the soup 😛

I liked the soup! Its different, but was kinda heavy! Wish they made’em in smaller portions – this way I can have half soup/half salad kinda order…. And guess what? They now have White Chocolate Chip Cookies now

Baking Tray… a favorite of mine and has Ansam518 approval all over it <3

To know more about Baking Tray, check out VICTUS FOOD website, Facebook, and Twitter @VictusFood. Tel: 22251544

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