A Day at the Zoo

Last weekend I went to @kuwait_zoo (Kuwait Zoo) with PinkGirl and Q8Rain. Apparently they were planning this outing for a while and asked me to join them πŸ˜‰ Glad I did, cause the day was full of laughter and good times πŸ˜€

I arrived at the same time with PinkGirl…. but Q8Rain came 10-15 mins later with lots of yummies and snacks for the day πŸ˜‰

We paid (500 fils per person – can’t really remember the exact amount since Rain treated us to it – thank you girl πŸ˜‰ )

We started walking around and I did the usual, random picture taking… The above picture shows some rules and regulations, too bad no one is really following it… including us, we fed the animals :S *guilty*

The picture above shows some information and brief history of the zoo (click on image to enlarge)


The zoo is designed in a way that really shows it was something BIG when it first open.. its spacious, but needs some work done

Saw a lot of those trash cans around…. wonder what the one below is! What animal is this I mean πŸ˜›

Loved the trees… although some of the grass and trees need trimming, but over all it was nice

Rain suggested we rent a car to walk around the zoo with and have our stuff fit in it πŸ˜‰ I am not talking about real car rental of course πŸ˜›

We settled with Hummer H3 πŸ˜› Red one too!

And the journey begins!

As you can see… the zoo has facilities and signs all over the place that you can follow and reach your desired destination… old signs, but clear ones too! I’m guessing the blue ones lead to facilities/services, yellow ones are for wild animals, and green ones are for bird (anything with feathers πŸ˜› )

Check out Rain’s driving skills… πŸ˜›

First stop… Monkies πŸ˜›

Interesting animals… make me laugh! We fed them Bananas and they were super happy about it πŸ™‚

Check how they open the banana (remember my post here??)

Oh and what about this guy up looking at us! He wants bananas too

Oh and Chimpanzees! They looked mean and were not so friendly! They were also double caged and gave us funny sounds too! Very “Planet of the Apes” of them πŸ˜›


This bird was walking back and forth non stop!! It is called Emu!

More monkies… here is a big baboon!

There was a little guy in the cage with him… but that big baboon wont let him have any bananas!

We then went to the deers…. they quickly got closer to the fence πŸ˜‰ I guess they are used to having guests feeding them!

Kids feeding them bread

And then we moved to the elephants! This is the baby elephant

And I’m guessing this one is the momma elephant! She was on rage!

She kept banging on the wall, and looking up to the other side!

Zebra… there were a couple of them. They kept away from the fence

And we went to see more monkeys! Those were the funniest and we stayed there for a while! PinkGirl wanted to finish up her bananas’ supply πŸ™‚

Check this monkey momma with her baby

Enough of the monkeys already. Let’s go see the black bears πŸ™‚

The lion was not visible… but I saw the lioness resting


We kept walking towards the train tour (we wanted to get on one of those) but I clicked away more pictures on our way

More deers


Odile and Odette together πŸ˜›

And we finally got on the train for the last tour before we left πŸ™‚

All in all, the day was fun, and I had fun with the girls! The zoo is quite nice and better than I expected, but still needs some work, a lot ofΒ renovation, re-branding, and increasing of facilities! There is a BIG potential for this place… its a bit neglected! Some animals looked sad or sick – I am not sure, but I really have hope and believe they can do something BIG with it if they get funding and have some people invest in it!


For more you can LIKE their Facebook Page and follow them on twitter @kuwait_zoo


They are open Monday – Saturday from 8:00AM to 8:00PM




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