518: Caramelized

A couple of weeks ago I contacted my friend Maryam, the daughter of Caramel owner – a bakery that I love and thought of reviewing! I know the wonderful team behind the wonderful yummies…. so it was about time I go with my camera and start to snap away pictures 😉 Let me take you to a virtual tour into Caramel now 😉

The store is located on Gulf Rd in Bneid AlGar… just right next to Cafe Bazzah

They sell wide range of salties, cakes, coffee sweets, treats, and famous for wrapping up cake boxes into gifts… like the pink gift box in the picture above

I had so much in the store… felt like I was one of them! I was let free to take pictures and they have set a corner for me to do the photo shoot for many many items, like this Pistachio Cake

The cake presentations screams classy! The work done on each piece shows that they are artistic… Love the details and love the smell that comes with each piece! Oh and this is the Lavender Cake I reviewed not too long ago 😉 (link)

Oh and their famous Red Velvet Cheesecake

I have tried it at a gathering and made sure I left with one for my friend 😉

This one is Turtle

Never tried it but looks very very rich

This is how it looks cut into slices

Oh and check those butterflies on the cake… colors are all soft and dreamy

Very Tiffany Blue… with soft butterflies on top


Oh and my ALL TIME FAVORITE! The reason that I loved Caramel since the first time I took a bite of this cake, few years ago… the STAR: Caramel Cake <3 <3 <3 This cake is sealed with 518 Approval all over it 😉

Nas Cake… named after Naser 😉 A true chocolate lover… made of three layers of pure chocolate topped with marshmallows and a sprinkle of cocoa powder 😉

While I was taking pictures, Maryam was flying around the store… helping me set up the cakes, talking to customers, giving orders to staff, and working on some cakes to practice her skills

I love this girl… love her smile, spirit, and joyful company – God bless her heart <3

They also have a selection of pound cakes; lemon, dates, and cinnamon – loved the lemon one the most <3

And while I was taking pictures, Maryam surprised me with cookies 😉 My weakness! She said they are under tasting still… a bit of salt in’em too! They were FAB! I love the salt addition to the cookies 😉

Other items I took a picture of and LOVED are those caramel bars covered in je ne sais quoi of goodness <3

I broke a piece and tried it… fell in love with it instantly! They were SO KIND they gave me the whole batch boxed to go 😀 😀

Trifles… a fruit based one (berries) and a chocolate lover

Oh and I love how they categorized their cake sizes into regular size cake, mini, tiny, and tiny-tiny! Here are some tiny-tiny cakes that I was always lucky to get boxed for me to devour on at home

Doughnuts for the doughnut lovers…

I left the store with three bags full of yumminess… I got so many cakes and it was a week full of sugar and love to follow <3 Oh check their bags… very whimsical <3

Not only did I enjoy the picture taking process (which is one of my favorite things to do) but also enjoyed tasting lots of yummies and enjoyed the company of Mrs. Bareeq, Maryam, and her friend Sarah! We had lots of things to talk about and share! It was a beautiful day! I spent nearly 3 hours there that day… while I was sipping on espresso and a yummy velvet cake filled with a layer of cheesecake YUMMMMM

Thank you ladies for your generous baked yummies and fabulous time 😉


Caramel is located in Al Manar Building in Bneid AlGar. They are open daily from 7:00AM to 10:00PM – except for Fridays 12:00PM to 10:00PM. Their Tel # is 22533258/7

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