It was about time that I try 10.Oh.8! Both Luluscious and I wanted to try this place and finally got the chance to go together 😉 (You can also read about it on Bazaar Magazine – October Issue)



The restaurant gives a percentage of their proceeds to charity every three months and for July-Aug-Sept the charity goes to The Arab International Association

The restaurant is pretty tiny and cozy! With vintage surface mirror hanged on the wall, and few tables in the restaurant…. simple design, grey -industrial finished- walls, and lots of items on display -some are for sale-

Ohhh! Do I see SMEG fridge!!! We have one of those at home 😉 I love’em – very funky and they add to the whole atmosphere

LOVED their wall mounted hooks on the wall… for jackets and handbags 😉

A sofa for those who wanna come for coffee maybe 😉

We picked table 6 by the window

Love the seating area outside on the hardwood floor! I bet it will be nice to sit out when the weather gets cooler

Food time… and BIG decisions to make 😉 We were starving so we thought of ordering few dishes and share’em all together

Luluscious order hot coco

“drink” – YES SIR 😉

Oh and check mine out… I ordered Latte with Ice Cream (LOVED IT) I also loved the fact that they serve illy coffee <3 <3

The ice cream dollop! Before the last of it melted down, I scooped it off! Loved how it mixed with the latte flavor a bit 😉

Now for our main dishes… time to have food on the “plate”

Pink Hummos Sandwich – hummos with beetroot! I loved this sandwich! The hummos and beetroot go well together

The beetroot shreds and chips together – YUMMMMY! I told Luluscious this is an amazing dish for vegetarians as well as beetroot lovers like moi 😉 Don’t you think?

Egg Benedict – served on a sweet bread (or biscuit) – the sweetness in the bread gave it a kick! The whole thing together was good 😉

The Mexican Chicken Sandwich – it was like a Tex Mex roll that I loved everything about it… the spiciness was just about right, the avocados were fabulous! Chicken was shaved to perfection – this sandwich is so good!

Check out the melted cheese and the avocado slices <3

I live to “eat” “food” 😛

We were the only people at the restaurant and the service was fast and prompt! Our waitress, Carol, was well aware of the dishes and nice enough to suggest some (Mexican Chicken Sandwich)

Our total came to KD11.450

10.Oh.8 is 518 approved 😉 I loved the place, the availability of parking space, the interiors, the fact  that they donate to a different charity every quarter, the friendly staff, and yummy food

For more on 10.Oh.8 you can check their website http://www.10oh8.com/ – Like their Facebook Page (LIKE) – Follow them on Twitter @10oh8 – Tel: 22479371/2

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