10.Oh.8, Take II (and III)

About a week ago, I paid 10.Oh.8 another visit, this time with my friend LMA. I ordered the same drink, Cafe Latte with a dollop of ice cream in it (two of my favorite things together in one cup) <3

We were in the mood for sandwiches that day….

I ordered The Turkey Sandwich, it comes with blueberry sauce and sharp cheddar cheese on country bread 😉

A closer look 🙂

I loved the sandwich.. I love the blueberry/turkey combo! I think turkey goes hand-in-hand with such sauces; cranberry & blueberry… I only thought what would it be like if I changed the cheese to white, like Swiss or Emmental!


LMA ordered Fried Eggs Sandwich… it came in with a secret candied sauce! She had a bit and said it was so good that I have to try the sauce…I took a bit out with a chips and it tasted really good! It contains strawberry for sure 😉 Those guys at 10.Oh.8 seem to know what they’re doing when it comes to my taste buds, as I am the kind who like to mix such things

But when I finally got to try the Chocolate Nirvana, one of their best sellers

I did not go head-over-heels on this one! I have a mixed feelings! For one, I am not the kind that likes to have nutella on a bread – so its not the right dish for me I guess

I liked the bread itself.. was so fresh 🙂 But the combo all together is over simple – a nutella sandwich, sprinkled with powdered sugar, and with chocolate swirls on top!

Its for the chocolate lovers 😉 @Q8Stig maybe 😛

And JustNoon as well 😉


I do not know the price for the breakfast this time since my friend LMA paid for it 😉 Thanks L :**



Their new cause for the next three months? DOMESTIC VIOLENCE!

Oh and just for the record, I tried the same sandwich again with my modification -pick up order- and liked the white cheese with it more 😉 I liked the fact that they were flexible with changing it 😀


Anyways.. you can know more about 10.Oh.8 by visiting their website http://www.10oh8.com/ – Like their Facebook Page (LIKE) – Follow them on Twitter @10oh8 – Tel: 22479371/2

Find their full menu on Q8PD here!


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