10.Oh.8 and PINK Food!

My friend DanaNafisi and I have lots and lots of those unplanned outings! We would be like “Do you wanna go out for a quick bite NOW?” – we are just so flexible this way 😉 So this was one of the outings… a brunch at 10.Oh.8 last week

I ordered my latte with ice cream (its becoming my usual drink there) – Dana ordered a cup of tea! As for our food….

We both ordered food containing PINK color – supporting the PINK month of October 😉 I ordered the Fried Egg Sandwich which comes with secret candied pinkish sauce, whereas Dana ordered Pink Hummus Wrap (which I tried on a previous visit to the place)

My sandwich was SO DAMN GOOD! I love how the secret candied sauce tickled my senses! Yes… I just love this kinda sandwiches, where you mix different contrasting tastes together… I think its made of yogurt, honey, and strawberry (btw, I love honey with friend eggs) this sandwich is definitely NOT TO SHARE <3

Then I ordered this sandwich (forgot its name) its made of hazelnut spread and marshmallow – TOO SWEET and TOO HEAVY! This sandwich is definitely TO BE SHARED 😉 Dana and I both could not finish half of it

Our total came to KD9.500 (we also ordered a bottle of water)


As I mentioned before (link) 10.Oh.8’s current cause is Domestic Violence 🙂


Anyways.. you can know more about 10.Oh.8 by visiting their website http://www.10oh8.com/ – Like their Facebook Page (LIKE) – Follow them on Twitter @10oh8 – Tel: 22479371/2


Find their full menu on Q8PD here!

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