The Proteges G2 – Nepal – Day 5

Back to you with Day 5 on @The_Proteges trip to Nepal 😉

Today, the proteges got up a bit later than usual heading to the mountains…

After a long ride, they finally got to their destination; a resort on the Himalaya Mountain!

As usual… an amazing scenery seen from the top that stole everyone’s breath! Nepal such a beautiful country!

Mentor Yarub Burhama continued his ‘out of the box’ session reading “Hope for the Flowers” by Trina Paulus. The story revolves around tons of caterpillars that fight to reach the top while most of them do not know what are they fighting for. The story mostly focused on the importance of defining one’s own goals or dreams in life, and not following other’s.

Mentor Burhama engaged the proteges in some activities before reading the story to proof the point. Oh and by then, the weather kept getting better and the clouds kept getting lower till it reached the level where everyone was seated! Yup! Amazing!

After getting back to the hotel and freshening up, there was a band playing at the lobby where the students joined and played along. Then they went to a market where they enjoyed their times there, from electricity shutting off to laughters and smiles… I dont have pictures of those activities… maybe I can ask them to share some on my blog for my readers 😉


For more you can check their official website (link), journal on Pink Coffee Blog (link), and follow the on Twitter @the_proteges

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