Shake Shack Kuwait: 1st Impression

اليوم جربت شيك شاك الكويت لأول مرة وأقدر أقول اني حبيته كثر ماحبيت اللي في دبي… واللي أنا مجربته قبل فترة! أقدر أقول انه شيك شاك يقدم ألذ وأطعم برجر.

If you read my Shake Shack – Dubai review, you know how much I loved it and rated it as the best burger I have ever tried in my life… so at last, I got the chance to try it last night 😉 We decided (my sisters, friend, and I) to have an early dinner there! I was starving since I had nothing to eat all day except for a candy/popsicle, and some nuts! We were there at around 7:00PM, the place was packed… people were actually waiting outside eyeing the inside for an empty table! Right then and there we agreed to walk away and eat elsewhere! So my sisters went to near by shops for quick shopping sprees, while I waited with Farah, our friend, in front of Shake Shack and I looked at her and said “I really wanna eat a burger tonight… lets give it a try” – GLAD I DID 😀 The moment I walked in to look for a table, a very nice Filipina lady asked me from far away using sign language… how many persons, I showed her a high five, and she pointed at a table and we quickly went to sit on it 😀


As soon as we were joined with my sisters, we placed our order (the averaged was KD4.5 per person) and waited!

I was literally sitting in front of the counter…. the moment my beeper went off I kind of jumped to the counter that the lady actually laughed (she must’ve though I was gonna eat her alive lol)


طريقة المطعم انك توقف بالطابور (يعطونك قائمة الطعام وانت واقف) على ما يوصل دورك تكون قررت وتطلب… يعطونك مثل جهاز بيجر يشتغل (يلولش) أول ما يجهز الطلب… أنا كنت ميته من اليوع و جابلتهم… أول ماشتغل جهازي هجمت عليهم! تقريبا كل شخص فينا دفع 4.500 دنانير

We took the trays back to our table and started eating right away! OK so don’t judge me… I know I ate a lot, but I was starving like there was no tomorrow! I ordered a Shack Stack (mushroom and burger patties with cheese) and an extra cheeseburger + regular fries + diet coke (yes diet 😛 )

How was it? Yummy as ever! Just like Dubai (and as per my sister Fulla, just like Miami’s) it was perfect! I even liked the fries in Kuwait better than the one in Dubai! The Shack Stack (first time to try) was good, but a bit on the heavy side.. it was messy to eat… I started with it and I was disconnected! I swear I dont remember the conversations that went on at the table, nor the surroundings… I was just busy eating (and had the silly smile on my face that I couldnt wipe off my face)… I regained consciousnesses in the intermission between my two burgers 😛 The patties are juicy (a bit oily but really good)! It is so close in rating (in my opinion) with Elevation Burger (but the latter is lighter and healthier)! I mean you leave Shake Shack fully STUFFED – which is totally not the case with Elevation, where you leave satisfied but light as a feather (so it is actually a mood thing here LOL)


أنا كان طلبي تشيزبرجر و الثانية كانت برجر مع مشروم (شاك ستاك) و بطاط مقلي عادي من غير اضافات و دايت كولا… البرجر خيال وطعمها قريب جدا لاليفيشن برجر (بس اليفيشن برجر أخف وأصح) وأنا انصح اللي ما جربه يروح… وبالعافية مقدما


Shake Shack….. I LOVE YOU!


Shake Shack Kuwait is located in The Avenues Phase I (Parking P3 – Purple) – The area around the restaurant there somewhat smell like a kitchen. Their Tel # 22233711


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