Review: Smashbox Eye light

Last week I bought two Eye light (eye shadow palettes) from Smashbox at Sephora!

Loved the packaging… kinda fancy and all 😉 The palette box itself is made with matte finishing

I got two palettes; SMOKEBOX which contains metallic colors of intense glittery black, soft pewter, and warm beige. The other one is called BEAM which contains metallic colors of brown, peach, and pale gold.

This one below is SMOKEBOX

and this is BEAM

Now lets get down to business… each palette contains a double ended brush, one for lining and one for smudging! The hair on the brush is soft, so it wasn’t harsh on the eyelid/eye area!

I like the fact that you have the option to wear the makeup dry or with water! I did try it on a couple of times out.. and many times playing around with’em at home, trying out different looks both dry and wet… but uh oh!

They break easily! Well… for some reason, I felt the lighter shades felt a bit, well hmmm how to describe it, chalky maybe? So when it broke I pressed on it with my index finger and actually it felt creamier, so I tried to apply the lighter shade using my finger and I got better creamy results!

Then I tried the black one wet and dry… I must say I liked it wet MUCH more! The dry felt a bit like a joke, plus I’m not much into glittery makeup anyways… so it was better when I added water to the brush (oh and it wash out easier than I thought)

The smudging brush of my SMOKEBOX palette kinda tilted with use :S! I take back my words of saying its of high quality, nevertheless the sponge and hair on that brush were soft and easy on my eye area! I tried it on also using my own brush set – more options this way and believe me, with those three colors in each palette you can be creative! A day look, business look, soft, dramatic…. you name it 😉 Just be creative!


The two shades that I liked the most were the Pewter in the SMOKEBOX and Peach in the BEAM! But all in all, I felt at some point that they were chalky and not really easy to blend together using the brush all the way… I used my fingers and my own set of brushes et voila… better results! Also, the black one is much better of with water (wet)!

As for the price tag? Well, they are KD10.500 each! A bit expensive for what they are… I usually like other products from Smashbox more, specially their eye liner (link) and O-Glow O Gloss (link)… this one was just okay and did not give me the “Oh La La” effect… so yeah, I wouldnt consider buying’em again!

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