Pink Coffee IdeaPaint Wall

I was at Pink Coffee office yesterday and saw their IdeaPaint wall

A quick recap… Idea Paint simply lets you transform your wall into an erasable interactive writing surface! A meeting room in your company where you can brainstorm ideas with your team, or in the office kitchenette perhaps, specially when you wanna have fun leaving erasable notes here and there ;-) Even in your home kitchen.. probably write the groceries’ list or a recipe, simple reminders… and so on ;) (Check my post about it here)

Oh and as you can see (and probably guessed already) I had my fun too! This picture above is an example… but I kinda got carried away with it too (just sharing this one though)


For more on Pink Coffee; LIKE their Facebook Page, follow them on Twitter @pinkcoffee_ and check out their One Pink Coffee Blog :)


If you’re interested in IdeaPaint you can leave me a comment with your correct/real email address so I can forward it to them and send you the full brochure… or you call them directly on +965 99011603 — email: [email protected] — Alawama Group of Companies


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