Nail It & Suad Husni

When Nail It opened, the kind owner invited me to try it out (been hooked up since then – you can tell from my tweets to @nailitspa you will know what I mean)…. The design of Nail It is more than just funky beautiful looking random art-deco-y prints on each station… I remember when she explained to me what it meant back then, I appreciated it even more! Today and on their Facebook Page (LIKE IT) she is sharing it with her fans and followers

The owner is a fan of Suad Husni and with her interior designer, they worked together into implementing a Suad Husni jazzy theme into the salon! Its all right there, the prints I mean! They are taken from different outfits and accessories Suad Husni wore… the flower, the circle, and the butterfly 😉 Creative (You can read more about the designer herself on her blog here)


Now every time you pass by there, look at the prints again and tell me what you think? I’m sure you will look at it from a totally new and different angle 😉 I’m glad she shared this with all of us now 😀


Anyways… for those who dont know, Nail It is located on the Mezzanine Level in Plaza Hawalli, and their Tel # is 22658869


صالون “نيل ات” اعتبره افضل صالون أسوي فيه بديكير ومنيكير… بالاضافة الى خدمات اخرى وسريعة! واتذكر اول ما فتح دعتني صاحبته لتجربة الخدمات اللي يقدمونها ومن يومها وانا اروح لهم

ديكورات المكان مستوحاة من لبس واكسسوارات الفنانة الراحلة سعاد حسني… واللي تحبها صاحبة نيل ات. اتذكر مرة انها شرحتلي الفكرة وخلتني أشوف المكان من منظور ثاني

فكرة جميلة ومبتكرة الصراحة…. شرايكم؟؟؟

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