My Picks at Genki

I had dinner with my sisters and friends a couple of nights back at Genki Sushi! So this is a glimpse of it… my perfect dinner there would consist of Green Tea and Water (drinks) and Edamame for appetizer

I also had few Negimakis (wonder why they call’em Negimiaki sometimes)… but my perfect dinner at Genki Sushi would consist of Nigiri O-Toro and Salmon Usuzukuri

Here is a close-up of the Nigiri O-Toro… which is considered the top of the line cut, where the meat comes from the tuna belly -the fattiest tender part that is so buttery in texture- and so tasty too! I have tried it in many restaurants in town, but I must say that Genki has the best O-Toro Nigiris (and the least expensive too – keeping in mind that this is a pricey fish cut). I NEVER share this dish 😉

Another yummy dish I must have whenever at Genki is their Salmon Usuzukuri

Which is thinly sliced salmon in special sauce! Ah!!! Just yummy! And with a side of their ginger pickle to go in between…. Perfect meal 😀


Anyways, you can try those dishes at Genki in Arraya Center – Tel 22997933/4 & for more you can follow them on Twitter @Genki_Sushi

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