My Picks at Elevation Burger

I wanted to have lunch with Luluscious a couple of days ago! We both opted for Elevation Burger… so here are my picks 😉

Cheeseburger (two if I’m hungry 😛 ) with lettuce, onions, tomato, and Elevation sauce… regular fries, extra crispy

And a side of Elevation sauce for the fries as dip instead of ketchup! Total yummness

Luluscious ordered cheeseburgers as well but with different toppings 😉

And fancy fries…

She ordered soda with her drink while I waited till we finished and ordered milk shake (her recommendation) which was Coffee Shake with Oreos and left the restaurant with it while we walked around

I’m not much into shakes actually, but this one was good! Loved the coffee twist in it so much 😀


The after-feel of this LARGE meal was super! We were walking around light as a feather <3 I just loved everything about it 😉


Total came to KD11.200

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