My Eidiyah

Each Eid I like to hand in my Eidiya (money given away to kids and youngster in celebration of Eid) to the kids and younger ladies/gentlemen in a presentable way… most likely in an enveloped sealed with the recipient’s name on it. Its personal and presentable this way! I decided to take a step forward and add a sweet mini cake or something to each envelope, so as soon as I read InspirationsByS.D.’s posts (here and here) about Bakerista I knew it was THE place to contact 😉

Bakerista first contacted me back in May… she was very kind to offer me to review her page and products, but I didn’t! I just knew that I will review it when the time comes… same goes for iSachet! They contacted me earlier in June and wanted to send me some of their envelopes/sachets to review them, but I politely declined… also because I knew I was gonna order in the future from them! So the time has come and I contacted both parties to help me with my idea for this year’s Eidiya 😉

I contacted Bakerista and told her I was planning to give out cake pops along with my Eidiya to kids this year… I asked her if it was possible to send out pictures of those kids, so she can make a personal popsicle for each kid I was planning to give Eidiya to

I also contacted iSachet and told them I wanted to order the Eid envelopes… they were quick and prompt… I got 30 envelopes for KD6. The quality of the paper and prints were really high 🙂 The KD currency notes fits in really well….

I was laughing so hard at the pops I got from Bakerista! She did an AMAZING JOB! I swear if you knew those people, you can tell most of them! The attention paid to details was perfect! Check out those babies below (on the left and on the right) with their pacifiers! Hilarious… not to mention the flavors I asked for, for each pop! Dana is a red velvet, Aziz is vanilla, Essa is chocolate… and so on!

Now I will take Dana’s popsicle as an example for what I did… Bakerista talked to me on the phone on how she wanted me to present them. I told her I wanted each pospicle with a name on it, she suggested a tag… nice idea, but it exceeded my expectations

She placed each popsicle in a mini vase with some decorations.. the tag reads the recipient’s name, Eid greetings, and my full name… all tied up in golden sparkling ribbon!

I then took the sachets and stabled them to the ribbon for each…

I loved the final look SO MUCH 😀

I used like half of the envelopes…. keeping the other half for next Eid and maybe a new idea too?

End result was this amazingly looking pops with personalized greeting for each, vibrant green envelope with Eid greetings! It was PERFECT 😀 Everyone was laughing and raving about it… kids loved it! Many were taking different photos from different angles and having it in their displayes! It was hilarious

If I’m not mistaken, the regular design dozen of pops is selling for KD8… but the price goes up depending on what you add and all the extra requests (in my case it was the tags, vases, and personalized looking pops) Oh and the very super sweet owner Fatima surprised me when she dropped them off and drove away saying it was her Eidiya to me! How sweet is that?


About the taste? Well… do you think I would order pops and give’em out to kids without me trying? I ordered like an extra dozen for home and for friends who passed by on Eid… and I was lucky enough to try all the three flavors – my favorite was the red velvet! The cake inside is super moist and rich (LOVED it) so not only it looked perfect but it tasted SO GOOD too 😀


If interested, you can check Bakerista on Facebook (link) – follow them on Twitter @Bakerista_q8 – Call them on +965 65155099 – email: [email protected]


As for iSachet, you can check their website (link) for other designs – Facebook Page (link) – follow them on Twitter @iSachet -call them on +965 67660476 – email [email protected] / [email protected]



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