Late Dinner at GiLLi

One quiet evening while we were in Florence last June, the girls (Noon, Fajir, Reem) and I were starving! It was late at night but we decided against room service and wanted to go to Piazza della Repubblica and check the restaurants there! The weather was nice and we were in the mood for Spaghetti Bolognese… all of us 🙂

We stopped by GiLLi, they said it wasn’t on the menu but they can prepare it for us! We all agreed that it was a nice gesture and decided to have our dinner there

The restaurant was kinda empty except for few tables…. we munched on bread before our main courses – four Spaghetti Bolognese dishes 😉

The bread was fresh… it was amazing with butter, or maybe we were starving so much that it tasted really really good… then our dishes were set on the table, actually just three dishes

The pasta came in topped with the bolognese, it did not look very appetizing since it was a very dry bolognese!!! It was as if they cooked the meat in a sauce-less pan! I didn’t even question it because I was hungry… we asked them for the forth dish and they said we only ordered three! I mean come on! We are four and we said we all wanted Spaghetti Bolognese, why assume that Noon didn’t want spaghetti with us! Anyways, the waiter kinda got upset and brought up the forth dish

The taste was okay but it did not feel like real Spaghetti Bolognese 🙁 and when we were done we asked for the check and before he left our sight we asked him if we can have gelatos….. what was his reaction??? He shushed us!!! Signaling it with his index finger! We got so offended! He said “NO GELATO! GELATO CLOSE NOW!” He later came to the table and said you want the check, we said “Yes please!!!” Then he said “Gelato?” and one of us told him we would rather stay “Shushed”!!! He didnt care less and brought in the check, which was a total of EUR99! We paid EUR100 and left! If I’m not mistaken, one of the girls waited for the change back, which is EUR1!

Really bad experience and not-so-good food 🙁

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