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After my review of Shake Shack (click here) I revisitedĀ Elevation Burger šŸ˜‰ I actually wanted to do a Shakevation just like Q8BlackMarket (link) but I just couldn’t do it the same way (did not feel right to me – sorry guys šŸ˜› )…

According to them, the Shakevation is basicallyĀ grabbing a burger and a drink from Elevation Burger and take them all the way back to Shake Shack, order what you like from their menu and enjoy your “legendary” meal!


How I did it? A bit differently! I went to Shake Shack with my friend Ruby followed by Elevation Burger a couple of days later with my other friend Luluscious and I had to (JUST HAD TO) rectify my rating to a TIE when it comes to burgers! Both places are obviously my favorite for an awesome cheeseburger in Kuwait… Shake Shack is much heavier (still YUMMY) – but with Elevation, I can eat two and leave as a feather!

Why a tie? Well because I sometimes crave Shake Shack’s Burger… other times I just want to have Elevation’s! Its a tough one for me here

As for fries, I prefer Elevation’s – specially when I ask for extra Crispy! They are more like homemade fries… cooked in olive oil (special different taste)


Shake Shack’s is more fleshy and mushy… I prefer crispy, so basically its a matter of taste!

As for the milk shakes, its not gonna be like comparing apples-to-apples, but I asked around and I was recommended to try the Vanilla Shake at Shake Shack and Coffee with Oreo at Elevation

I liked Elevation’s more… maybe because of the coffee twist! Though I wont order either ones because having the meal on its own is enough (and maybe with water, not even soda)! The vanilla shake I tried at Shake Shack was okay! But then again, who am I to judge when I’m not so big on shakes to begin with LOL šŸ˜›

As for price comparison, both are a bit on the pricey side… they’re fancy burgers afterall… but Elevation Burger is a bit less expensive!


That’s my humble opinion overall… Both places have the best burgers I have tried honestly, but my next visit will be according to my mood, tastebuds, and waiting lines I guess šŸ˜›


What do you guys think?

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