How Long Have You Had Your Wallet?

I was having coffee with my friend Shushu a while back when she told me “I’ve had this wallet for 11 years now and counting” I took a look at it and I can tell it can go another 11 years! Good leather and great person carrying it and taking good care of it! She’s probably one of those people who value and take good care of her belongings!

I remember I started changing wallets back in 2008! Actually when my best friend Luluscious got me a wallet on my birthday in 2008! I knew it was about time I go for a change (and I have been changing my wallet every 15 months or so) – anyways, after I saw Shushu’s LV wallet I went and looked for mine, which I bought back in 1997 and it also looks new! I guess I would not have changed it if I didnt get a nice birthday gift from my best friend hehehe 😛

Oh and along with it I found the keychain I got later in 1999 or so! Memories!


Both wallets are intact and look good… leather smells nice too! We made good investment into buying those fine leather goods (سعرهم فيهم)


How long have you had yours for? How often do you change it?

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