How Do You Eat Your Muffin?

  1. Topless Finale Muffin: Its when you take off the whole muffin top, then have it on one hand while the other hand break it into little pieces that you eat one by one till its gone… leaving a topless muffin (picture above)
  2. The Gold Digger: Its when you dig in the muffin and eat from top-down! Its similar to the first one, only with this one you can go all the way and finish it.. or leave it with a hole πŸ˜›
  3. Sayyed Natheef (Mr. Clean): Uses knife and fork to cut the muffin out into pieces (and doughnuts too) then eat it with a fork!
  4. Bottom-Up Approach: The starting point is bottom of the muffin! Those who prefer to save the best for the last and those who don’t wanna miss a thing will go for this approach! Its better to have a napkin with this one πŸ˜‰ Trust me!
  5. To-The-Point: This approach is used when you hold the muffin and bite into it directly!
  6. The Terminator: You just take the whole thing down! Its THAT good πŸ˜›


I would describe my way as the “Topless Muffin Finale” in most cases! But I can be a “Terminator” and eat the whole thing if it was SO GOOD (i.e. Bubble T, Baking Tray, and Coffee Republic which I dont have a picture of and I think they don’t do it anymore… the one with raspberry πŸ™ )


Whats your way? Do share πŸ˜‰


Oh and speaking of muffins and ways to eat it always remind me of Seinfeld πŸ˜›




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