Hi! My Name is Ansam, and I’m Lactose Intolerant!

Yes! And I think I developed that a year ago! Before that, dairy products and I were good friends! It sort of happened over night!!! I just woke up one day and my body decided to go lactose intolerant! So what options do we have in Kuwait when it comes to lacto-free products -specially when I dont like the soy milk taste :S-?


My friend Alfa+ recommended AlMarai Lacto-Free milk (which I reviewed about a year ago)

It is sold for 450 fils (or around that) and it taste pretty good – without adding anything to it!! Very easy on the stomach too!

The Diet Ninja suggested the Almond Milk for me (which I also reviewed a couple of months ago)! I love almond, so it was great!

I also like (sorry LOVE) Lactaid chewables (better option for me than the caplets)!

I know I posted about this before, but I want someone to bring those officially to Kuwait! They are amazing! I have a supply that will last me for a bit, but then when I run out I suffer!

They come in individual sachets, that you can carry around with you… whenever needed, you take one tablet and chew it with your first bite of dairy

They are amazing! I love’em! They make my life easier….

I can enjoy dairy products, or food items containing dairy with no problem! So tell me, why is it so hard to find Lactaids (or any similar supplements) in K-Town!?

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