Hatay Sofrasi – Turkey

My friend Zoona just came back from Turkey and she wants to share some of her photos (and reviews) of the trip on my blog for my readers 😉 So in this post, she will be taking us to Hatay Sofrasi Restaurant

She said the restaurant is AMAZING and the staff are friendly that they went to it twice on this trip… very cozy and interesting food items served there! They are famous for their Deveci Chicken (Deveci Juzda Javuk) and Lam (Juzda Kuzu) both cooked in salt! Below is a picture of dishes coming out of the kitchen getting ready to be served…

Those dishes take long time to be prepared in the oven covered in rock salt and then placed in the wood-fired oven; two hours for the chicken and four hours for the lamb… when they are served on the table, they are put on flames! Something I would definitely wanna try 😉

This picture above is of another famous specialty of theirs called Metrelik Kebap! The one below is one meter long version of it they tried and liked! She said it was different and spiced with special seasonings and nuts too!

This is Cerra Kebabi (Jesti Kebabi) – which is Turkish for Clay Pot Kebab! Spiced lamb with special sauce cooked in this clay pot… they didn’t try it but snapped a picture of it anyways… The clay pot is broken on the table and you get to enjoy the fillings inside 😉 Interesting

And back to the Juzda Kuzu, Zoona’s favorite pick *highly recommend it to you guys* the Lamb in Salt

Drum Roll…….

Ta Da……

You can find more info and pictures on their website (link) and Facebook Page (LIKE)

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