FCC Launched e-Commerce Website

I’m sure many of you saw this ad on outdoors lately! It’s for FCC (Future Communications Company)! They recently launched their first e-commerce website (www.futureonline.com.kw).
I browsed the site, its simple and user friendly! You can browse it in both Arabic & English… They also have Live Chat option in case you wanted to talk to one of their operators/staff on the spot!


They sells mobile/smart phones (Nokia, Blackberries, HTC, iPhone, Sony, Samsung, Zoom, Frog)

They also sell a wide range of accessories from a variety of brands (good deals for iPads, mobile accessories, headsets, covers, and more), plus applications for Nokia devices.


They offer fast free delivery, and you can get 100% money back if you’re not
satisfied. PLUS You can shop as a guest or register or sign in 😉



You can also check out their Facebook Page (LIKE) and follow them on Twitter @FCC_Kuwait for more updates

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