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Yesterday at around 3:30PM I was starving…but wanted to have something light and yummy! I remembered that FAH once posted about a salad from Salad Creations that I tried and loved so much… it was the Chinese Chopsticks Salad, only it was modified the FAH way 😉 Here is how he described it….

“My new favorite salad is the Chinese chopstick from Salad Creations. The salad comes with spring mix lettuce, teriyaki chicken, mandarin oranges, Chinese noodles and spicy Asian peanut dressing but I usually replace mandarin with beetroot. I also add some sunflower seeds.”


I ordered it to his specifications….

And less than 45 mins later I got my white paper bag with the salad + peach iced tea

I ordered it chopped and toss (dressing on the side)

This salad is a bit on the spicy -but yummy- side! The beetroot addition makes it yummier! It ads a distinctive flavor, and it compliments the teriyaki chicken very well!

Crispy fresh lettuce… and crunchy ingredients (the dry noodle like sticks and sunflower seeds), tender chicken and beetroot <3 work of art and total satisfaction for my taste buds!

I ordered the full portion salad and was 200 fils short for delivery so I ordered peach iced tea.. My total came to KD3.200. To order call them on 22257914


For their full menu, check out Q8PD (link) or order via 6alabat

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