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Let me go back in time… First time I got to see Fatma’s work, the brains behind F20Designs was a while back in one of the exhibitions… then I met her officially through her sister Reem (who is a friend), and my very first purchase was a custom made Tee for my friend’s birthday over a year ago (link). I have been following her work! She really does it from the bottom of her heart! She goes for good causes, she sponsored my blog competition earlier last May, and more! Recently she opened her own shop that I went to twice (two days in a row) last week.. So let me take you on a virtual tour with me through my blog 😉 Let’s go in the store now

The store designed in a way that you cannot help but smile while looking around… It felt like as if I was walking into an old designed house that just got renovated! You would look at things around and sometimes laugh in amusement at some of the displayed items, how they are displayed, or what she used in her own designs (YES! She designed the place herself from picking up the colors to the pieces… to the smallest details)! Check this mirror for example; a call out with “Lookin’ Good!” creative!

Now I have taken random and random pictures of the pieces on display! Some brought back memories… other items just made me go Ohh and Ahh… and WOW! And the background music of old cartoon intro shows, some episodes of which too… old songs, classicals… it was just hilarious! I was singing along with many LOL I was 10 again!

Take this charcoal iron for example…. the minute I saw it I remembered Sally (cartoon)

Now when I talk about how I loved the display… check this out; an old opened box/chest with random Tees thrown in effortlessly but beautifully too! Beautiful mess kinda display

The characters she drew on the Tees… well, one of my comments to her that they dont look all alike anymore (in the past.. they were kinda similar) but now she expanded with the characters much more! OMG 😛

That box was facing the window, inside it is Fatma’s own accordion from back in time 😉

Now that’s just hilarious!!! Intaliq 3!!! That’s an O.M.G for sure

Cute lil Vespa <3

And an announcement board… with her famous tea estikana (استكانة ام نقطة) – you will notice how much she loves this estikana

Now the fitting room 😉 Come on in

A call out on the mirror reads what somehow translate “Lookin’ Good” (اش هالزين؟!)… when I went with my cousin he jokingly said “I’m taking all the T-Shirts I tried on! Every time I wear one, I look in the mirror and it tells me (اش هالزين؟!) so you know 😉 “

Some of her paintings… around as display in a way that -AGAIN- I loved!

If you happen to like a piece of anything… just ask her! Some items are for sale, others are by order

Now lets move on to the middle of the shop

Check those items… her choices of words and wordings is just so simple and amazing at the same time <3

Variety of coffee tumblers

Love this guy! Cute!

I told Fatma that the guy in this picture reminds me so much of Saher Ellayl last year so much… so 1970s, she goes well yeah… that is an inspiration of Nawaf’s character in that show! Whoa! She is good (ما شاءالله)

Hilarious!!! Just hilarious!!!!

Coloring booklets

Check out this record player/phonograph (بشتختة)

A stool/coffee table/design/ottoman/foot rest/whatever you want it to be!

And this piece… Oh I love

A set of estikanat (again, a favorite of hers – toldya 😉 ) that are assembled together in a set, in an artistic way to display’em… that she used as a design on her cable and electricity box

Mashallah! An engineer-meets-artist kinda thing 🙂

An old radio with a call out – a part of classical Kuwaiti song lyrics (أيا غالي يا أبو الموقه)

Intaliq 1 phone… or what we used to call “Car Phone”

Oh and here is a good example of how she pays attention to details.. her cashier station! Fits well for the theme! Its no coincident that it has orange on it 😉

Random key-chains with her famous quotes, pictures, characters… LOVED’em


I <3 غبار  – LOL which is DUST! She said it was a best seller during the summer

And displaying her Twitter account in an artsy way too 😉 Eye-catching and eye-candy too!

And zoomed out this area a bit… now put all the pieces together 😉 Beautiful 😀

The Fro Dude! Her most famous character of all times…. what would you call this guy? I mean if you were to name him?

Now lets browse through the merchandise (tees and such) Yalla…

A wide range of colors, designs, hoodies, Tees, and one of her latest introductions the Dara’ah Tee (and again with her estikana 😉 )

Chwaiha – a cup of tea (or estikana in that case) – the word she wish she invented (link)

Very funky and very different from what we’re used to 😉 they come in this shiny material or cotton all the way 😉

If I am not mistaken… the sizes in her shop starts from 2 years up! She will be introducing babies’ sizes so soon 😀 If you wanna know more about her updates and news, twitter is your best options – follow her @F2oDesigns


A Tee for everyone hehehehe seriously 😉

Remember this? We used to call’em Melodica at school LOL


Caps too… many colors 😉

HUGE button… I loved it! She used it as decoration on one of her display tables

Look how she used this tin box as a display for more of her key chains!! Nice 😉

I left her store with two bags of goodies… My cousin Bu Barrak bought three or four tees the next day when I went again too! If you are interested to go by, her current store hours are 5:30PM – 9:30PM Saturday – Thursday (again follow her to know the updates)

I got Tees for my nephews and niece…. all fits well for their characters and they were super happy about them that they wore’em right away LOL!

She gave’em to me along with magnets, notebooks, and color booklets too…. oh and the one below I got for my Coffee Lover cousin Balques

Oh and the color booklets are just fun (even for me… YES! I colored some 😛 )

Thank you Fattooma for an amazing evening and for having me in your store! I had a GREAT time and ohhhh amazing coffee too :*

So here are all the links that I have for F2o – make use of them 😉


Read more about F2oDesigns on Bazaar Magazine Online and Fatima’s own interview on Bazaar as well (link)




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