Last month I asked on my Twitter for any pharmacies that offer home delivery service. It was Ramadan, the weather was hot, and I was dead tired with my body aching all over! I was given few numbers and when ever I called any, they either dont have the medicine I want or do not pick up… till a nice gentleman on Twitter asked me to check for my medicine at DOWA!

I was very impressed with the site.. its pretty easy to navigate through it and very user friendly… I went ahead and placed my order for Voltarene and Purelogicol (that I love very much). I wanted to make sure my order was received so I contacted them via Twitter @Dowaco and I think I was their first tweet ever hehehe thats how new they were

And as promised, someone called me at 9:00PM and the delivery was made on the same night. A white paper bag with their logo and online web address… simple and clean design 😉 Efficient service too



At the time, they asked me not post about them on my blog because they were new and just starting up (although to me it was just amazing, the whole experience)… but they are up and running now 😀 They have free delivery for orders of KD10 or more… and they accept K-Net as well 😉


Oh and you can find them on Facebook too (LIKE)


Thank you Mohd Ashkanani 😉



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