Dar Usha at Burj Jassim

The very kind and sweet owner of Dar Usha knew I was gonna pass by Burj Jassim and invited me over to her newly opened store… I told her I was coming with my camera and she didn’t mind at all 😉

Now I have been to the other branch in AlWatia, Kuwait City… this is just a new flavor! Just like a boutique tucked in one of the streets in Europe… the ones you have to look hard for because of their unique and different items! That’s how I felt when I stepped in!

The pieces on display are selected carefully and with limited quantities too…

Different designs with different colors, textures, and materials on display…. everything is spaced out just right giving you the room to browse through them all easily and freely

Some are beautifully embroidered with threads and breads and whats not… others are plain and simple

Some with rich details and long sleeves, and others are just short and fun… you can tell the styles vary for the purpose of pleasing all clients

Colorful or plain too…. I see some simple LBDs too <3

Some items are more of casual cotton-y tops too… yet very elegant 🙂

And some with a shiny finish… this top for example can go with black bottom (pencil skirt or straight cut pants) or with jeans! I love those kinda tops that you get to dress according to your mood

Aside of the fashionable items, there were accessories… beautiful ones

Oh and check this wooden cupboard she brought to the new boutique all the way from her Watia branch… just to have the flavor brought in somehow I guess 😉 nice touch!

And the fitting rooms… very icy and sugary! So sweet!

The colors, materials, and pieces are very shabby chic

And the waiting area outside the fitting room

And before I left, I just had to snap a picture of the cashier area for you guys


It was really nice tour of the store and getting to know the sweet owner Ms. Heba 🙂 Who was all smiles and we had a good time chit-chatting 😉 Thanks again dear 😀


For more; LIKE them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter @DarUshaBoutique

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