Dad’s Rangeena

كل سنه تينا الرنقينه نقصة… ولا مرة جربنا نسويها… فقرر أبوي يتخذ الخطوة الأولى و ألف وصفة من عنده واستخدم الرطب اللي من نخلتنا بالبيت وطلعت النتيجة عجيبه -ياسلاااااااااام- (تسلم ايدك يالغالي) فقلت يالله باحط الصور في المدونه يمكن أكسر خاطره أنا والقراء ويعطينا الوصفة



Last night something was cooking in the kicthen… something with a smell that fill the house! Guess what? Dad was preparing something in the kitchen 😉

He was preparing Rangeena (رنقينه) – a sweet buttered dates dessert 😉

Here is how the story all started! We used to get Rangeena from friends – specially during Ramadan! Almost all of us at home love it, but never made it at home… This year my dad decided that he wants to come up with a recipe of his own, and he did 😀 IT IS SO GOOD 😀 And he used dates from our palm trees at home 😉

Dates are tucked all together on a plate, waiting to be smothered by the flour-buttery mixture he is preparing

All covered and still bubbling from heat 😀

He was preparing it randomly and I was having fun with him in the kitchen… (Um3azoz I saved you one :*)

End result….

I was so full, but couldnt help but steal a couple of bites in the process! I was also tweeting about it the whole time 😉 My dad was laughing and enjoying his moment of fame 😀

As for the recipe… I’m still negotiating with dad to share it with my readers! What do you guys think I can do to steal his recipe for you? 😛


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