Clover Medical Clinic

Last Tuesday I went with Luluscious and Baby B for a quick medical check-up at Clover Medical Clinic – Dr. Fahad Ali AlMukhaizeem clinic to be exact. He is Baby B’s pediatrician

The clinic is located in Mazaya Building in Jabriya… the tall building you can see driving east on 4th Ring Road

If I’m not mistaken the floor (on which the clinic was in – 15 maybe – cant remember) has a dental clinic, and another clinic (can’t remember), beside’s Dr. AlMukhaizeem’s

The places was kinda packed – otherwise I would have been able to snap more pictures! Kids were playing in their playing area… nurses wearing colorful scrubs with animations, Hello Kitty, and more! The kids were happy… funny how many of them took their shoes off to play around -felt like home to them maybe?- I was like hmmm wonder if I really wanna be a sick kid at this moment!

The doctor himself was amazing with Baby B! He came in wearing regular clothes with no doctor white coat… his stethoscope had toys attached to it. His tie was colorful with kids playing around, and he was super friendly and professional!

I just wished I was there alone to be able to take pictures as I pleased! All the staff; receptionists, nurses, janitors, and the doctor himself were super duper children-friendly and professional!


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