Choowy Goowy Stuffed Cookies

As I was browsing through my photo albums I came across some pictures of Choowy Goowy stuffed cookies that were sent to me months back by Mr. Essa Behbehani but I never got around to posting them (its never too late 😉 )

The ones I got were stuffed with Oreos – labeled as Mark & Nat

The idea of having stuffed cookies with cookies makes me think HEAVY cookies

Nevertheless… I took a cookie and tried it

What’s the verdict?

It was heavy… The cookie was still chewy (which is something I like) and the oreo inside it gave it a bit of crunch! It was too sweet but also not bad at the same time! I mean I would rather have cookies unstuffed, but this option is perfect for those on sugar rush…. plus one of my nephews was IN LOVE with the cookies and the idea… he asked me if he can take the jar home! LOL


Thank you Essa for the treat 😉

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