Breakfast & Brunch Again

Last May I went to Breakfast & Brunch with Noufa! A couple of days ago we went again. It was a quiet morning with not too many people around.. We got in and sat on the same table and placed our orders! I ordered butterscotch latte -just drink it as it is without adding sugar! Taste really nice 😉 Noufa ordered diet Coke (I KNOW!)

Both Noufa and I ordered the Arabic Omlette…. I remember that I had a bite of hers when we first tried Breakfast & Brunch and I loved it so much!


It’s a dish full of yumminess! Omlette stuffed with labneh, cheese, olives, and sprinkled with sumac! The hashbrowns are something that I liked and Noufa didn’t 😉 Its  crispy and crunchy from the outside and kinda mushy inside… flavorful as well 😉

By the time we were finishing up few people started coming in… its a quite nice place I must say, I just do not like the surrounding cafes (good thing that they dont open up early in the morning)

Or total was KD7.450

Anyways… Breakfast and Brunch is located opposite The ONE store in Marina Mall in the Parking Area. Their Tel # is 25715362 and they are open daily from 7:30AM to 5:00PM

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