Breakfast at Le Pain Quotidien

As I mentioned before (link), Le Pain Quotidien (PQ) is one of my favorite breakfast spots in Kuwait…. as soon as I knew it opened its new location in The Avenues and right after Ramadan (yesterday to be exact) I made sure we stop by for breakfast!

Why do we like it there? Well… many reasons! The food to begin with is fresh and yummy… cooked to perfection! The service was always nice and friendly, and they have the best hot chocolate served in their famous bowl-like mug in Kuwait 😉

Not to mention the display and interiors of the place 🙂  Very inviting – the use of wood in their seating area, cabinet…. the packaging of their items… Oh and I tried their Orange Jam yesterday (MUST go back to buy a jar)… Anyways, yesterday it wasn’t the same 🙁 I down-graded my ratings for this place I love so much 🙁 Now where do I begin!!! Lets start with the good things first! I ordered an open face sandwich (they have the best open face sandwiches to be honest) mine was a spread of chickpeas and avocado together, with some fresh veggies and melon slice on the side – a bit spicy in taste but one of the best!

The spread was out of this world…. I’m so copying it at home 😉

I asked for extra turkey to be added to the sandwich and I asked them specifically for NO CUCUMBER!

In the beginning, the sandwich came in with 5 or 6 turkey slices on a separate plate…. then the waiter asked me if I wanted it on the actual sandwich, I said yes.. they got it back the way I want shredded on it (but for KD0.850 extra 😛 LOL) and with three slices of cucumber… when I specifically said “please make sure NO CUCUMBER” to our waiter! I didn’t want to make a scene, so I removed’em myself!

The hot chocolate was made to perfection (THANK GOD) and I enjoyed it to the last drop… though no decoration on top with coco powder like they used to make’em

Anyways… now that was just my experience, a minor mix-up in my order, but it was okay!


What about the rest? Well it was kinda a disaster! Orders were mixed up… we didnt get the bread basket till after we finished our breakfast dishes – shouldnt it be the other way around? 😛


My sister ordered fried eggs, sunny side up… they came in last… she waited like 10 mins after all of our dishes were served, so by the time she got it we were half-way through… and guess what? It was cold! I personally touched it with my fingers, it was placed under the AC (or maybe inside the fridge?)


My sister and friend wanted tea… they got them the cups, the tea pots… but no tea bags! When they asked for teabags, the waiter came back and handed them the teabag with his hand! Not on a serving plate but literally in HIS HAND!


My other sister kept asking for fresh orange juice…  it came in after she finished her breakfast!


But let me be honest, the manager was SUPER nice and SUPER professional… I mean we were enjoying our time regardless of what was happening, but the expression on my face I guess (when they got the tea bag) made the manager come to our table and he said “What’s wrong? You look upset?” I told him what happened… he kept checking on our table, making sure everything was going smoothly.. he kept apologizing to us…. we were told that they were new and understaffed!


So would I stop going to PQ? NO! Of course I wouldn’t, maybe not this branch so soon! They need time to get back on their foot! I really appreciate the manager’s effort into trying to fix and solve whatever issues 😉


Our total came to KD25.250… an average of KD5 per person!


Le Pain Quotidien is located in The Avenues Phase II middle hall 🙂

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