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During the last week of Ramadan I was wondering what would Baskin Robbins flavor of the month (FOM) be? I checked it online and it was salted caramel <3 <3 YES!

So When my sister and friend asked us whether we wanted Baskin Robbins I said YES! Since I know we are not on schedule with the US FOM, I asked them to call me from there and tell me what the FOM is… they called and said it was Chocolate & Nuts… so knowing me, always up for trying new flavors I was like sure… let me give it a try

For some reason I felt it wasn’t really the flavor of the month, and I also felt I have tried this flavor before… its chocolate and white chocolate swirl with some big round crunchy stuff (very yummy) – just like the maltesers ones! I thought to myself… wish I had ordered two scoops!

I looked up this specific flavor and I couldn’t find it on their website, nor on their Facebook page! I checked out Sept FOM and it was fig (interesting)

Other flavors I tried and loved in previous months were Gingerbread Man, Red Velvet, French Toast, Passion Sorbet


So whats the deal here!? Why aren’t we in line with the FOM abroad? What’s this flavor we tried called? I think he just made it up that it was the FOM… what do you guys think?

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