Aero Garden

While visiting a friend’s office I spotted this!!!!

I could not help but wonder what it was… so after five minutes I finally asked! “What is this? Are those HUGE Basil leaves?

And my friend said yes they are… he actually asked me to smell’em and they were hmmm-so-good! There were more herbs, thyme, dill… and more! It is actually a soil-less plant, and it is called Hydroponics, a methodology of growing plants without the use of soil by directly providing the roots with the efficient amount of nutrients. Nutrients and minerals are dissolved in water and provide the plants with the necessary requirements needed to reach their full potential.


Now an insider info 😉 You will see this product in one of my favorite restaurants soon…. plus the products will be available for sale online (I will be announcing that on my blog – so stay tuned)


For now you can read more about them on their website Green Touch Hydroponics


Al Rai Center,
Behind the Nurseries on 4th Ring Road,
Across from the Friday market
Next to Iranian Souq

Tel : +965 24712611
Fax : +965 24712619


Twitter @GTHydroQ8 


Thank You Naser M 😉

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