A Morning at Len么tre

I was selected again to host a beautiful morning breakfast at聽Len么tre to view and review the new breakfast buffet, menu, and the new look 馃槈

Since I was the to host the event, I picked a table in the heart of the restaurant… just below the skylight

I was there around 8:45AM so the place wasn’t packed yet! I headed to the buffet to take pics of the food and display 馃槈聽The food looked and smelled really good and very appetizing! The look of the buffet has changed (Ramadan was all about bright colors) it is soft icy white.. very dreamy and elegant!

The dishes and food items were different… some are the same but with a new twist 馃槈 You start of with this grilled hallomi cheese.. followed by labneh in different flavors; herbs, sumac, and thyme (za’atar)

Many items are bite sizes (canapes) in which you can have a bit of everything 馃槈 different sandwiches rolls with different fillings

I wasn’t really hungry… but as I was snapping away, I started to crave different things

As you can see… there is a bit of everything and everyone… from salties to sweets!

Say CHEESE! A tray for cheese lovers with walnuts and grapes

And crackers

Prince William Cake in a triangular shape…. remember my review of the cake? (link)

Pastries… many kinds

Fruit… you can make your own fruit salad in a bowl, or pick your favorite fruit and toppings too

The buffet was just amazing….

Full of choices to satisfy all tastes 馃槈

My location was strategic… as I sat with the buffet to my back and the kitchen window (where you can order eggs to your style) on my left! Here is Chef Ziad giving orders and helping the staff

I was by that window with him… snapping pictures of dishes coming out (and for me to decided what to have later) 馃槢

The pictures are speaking for themselves 馃槈

That’s the man’oosha I served PinkGirl (thanks for the mention 馃槈 ) Check out her post about the breakfast – contains some dangerously yummy pics (link) Don’t say I didn’t warn you 馃槈

I finally decided to have egg white omlette with mushrooms

Followed by coffee <3 <3

It was a beautiful morning and I was joined later by a friend, Fattooma 馃槈 who had coffee with me and fun chit-chat (Thanks Twaif :*)


Ohhhh you can also check Danderma’s yummylicious post here! Dangerous photos as well 馃槈


Len么tre Seaside is located on Gulf Road next to Kuwait Towers…. their tel # is 1805050 Ext25… try to go early since the place gets crowded towards 9:45AM 馃槈


To know more about聽Len么tre, one of聽MMC鈥榮 restaurants check out their Facebook Page (link) and follow them on Twitter聽@MMCKuwait


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