A Day at Senyar

“Senyar“ is the act of leading, assisting, and guiding! In the past, a “Senyar” would be the dhow in the front leading the fleet to their trip(s) in the sea, guiding them for the rest of their journey and is their to come to the rescue at times of need.


Now checkout their business card! See that upper right pink corner? If taken away, the card is no longer rectangular and complete… that’s what they do at Senyar, they will brave the rough waters ahead to help you reach your destination safely.


I was invited by Ms. Badria AlRoudan to drop by Senyar Marketing & Branding Company to take the grand tour and meat the team behind the works 😉

We went straight to the meeting room and watched a video that summed up most of their work of TV commercials and events… then had a quick chit-chat about everything and anything with Badria…. soon we were joined by Mr. Ali – an Account Manager at Senyar and shared thoughts and views… talked about blogs, social media, events, and more! A bit later we did the same with Mr. Abdullah AlRoudan! It was an interesting introductory! I was then invited to walk around the office and snap away 😉

See this picture above? I tried to snap it in a way just like their business card with the pink triangle tip at one corner 😉 What do you think?

This is what you actually see when you first get in… a wall of pictures… collage of their events, work, and some creations hanged along the stairs on your way up just right above the reception desk

 This is the first floor (where the meeting room is)! A lounge area, some offices, trophies, and lots of signed football jerseys on the wall (some limited edition pieces too)…
Thats a tee from Leo Messi Foundation – Choose to Believe (link)
Then I went down to meet the rest of them and caught some pictures in action 🙂They were all very friendly and welcoming 🙂Then we continued to tour around the company (I even got to see their kitchen with the famous Saleem 😉 full of smiles! That’s their lounge area… used to brainstorm ideas tooHere is the studio and an external office along with it 😉And no tour in Senyar is complete without a simple introductory and a smile from the famous Mr. Saleem 😉 He is SO SWEET, friendly, and funny in his own way! Oh and he made me a cup of oh-so-good coffee too 😉 Thanks Saleem 😀Thank you Badria for a great day at Senyar 🙂 I really had a good time and got to see the team behind Senyar’s work 😀
You can know more about Senyar if you follow them on Twitter @SenyarMB and (LIKE) their Facebook page too 😉 – Official Website for more info (link)
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