6alabat New Look + Enjoy Lunch = Happy Ansam

I’m in love with @6alabat new look! The website is cleaner and more user friendly…

I love the fact that they kept the theme (only modernized it a bit)! Still orange and white mainly, with images of Kuwait and their famous sketch art work!



I also love their Quick Order option, in which you do not have to sign-up for the service. I have signed up for their service since forever, but I know a lot of people that dont wanna go through the hassle of signing up an account – nice move, great option 😉

So you can order using your existing account, or through Quick Order as a guest, pick the cuisine of your choice and go from there

I placed an order from Enjoy! and paid via K-Net (love the fact that they have credit cards/K-net/COD options – not new, but awesome nevertheless!) The order summary page looks almost exactly the same but with a more polished look!

I clicked the feedback and sent them my remarks to – It helps 😉

And the LIVE chat option is still there in case you needed help on the spot

I also tried their iPhone App and its SUPER amazing! I think I even like it more than the website itself

Its kinda the same procedures… you select the country you are in, and your food preference + area you like your food to be delivered to

You can also browse through search results according to ratings (stars)

Here is an example, Taal Indian Restaurant with basic info of the restaurant, minimum charge, time to deliver, working hours…etc

Then if you click “Next” you are taking to the other page where you can decide on which items to go from, and they are all categorized (even when you pick a dish in an Indian food, you decide on the spiciness of the dish)



Picking one dish at a time and personalizing it according to your taste – in a super easy and user-friendly way 😀

As you can see… pics are self-explanatory

 On the App, they also have the Live Chat option where you can talk to an operator

 And a Promotion sections – get to know more about their latest offers

And just like the website… the Quick Order page is as easy to go through 😉



I just love everything about both; the site and the App… specially when I get my order delivered to me at my doorstep with few clicks and finger exercises


I ordered Chicken and Pear Salad on Arugula – YUMMY X 3

BBQ Chicken Wings which comes with a side of two dipping sauces… tasted good, and the best part of my lunch was the Avocado Chicken Sandwich (brown bread)

Probably one of the best chicken sandwiches I tried in Kuwait… specially when I like, I mean LOVE, the chicken and avocado together <3 This sandwich is Ansam518 Approved <3 (Thanks Alfa+ for the suggestion 😉 LOVED it)

Total (with 6alabat 200 fils charges) was KD8.350


Check out Enjoy! Facebook Page for more pictures and updates (LIKE) – For their full menu, you can check it on Q8PD (link)


As for 6alabat you can order directly from their website 6alabat.com, or you can check their Facebook Page (LIKE) and follow them on Twitter @6alabat for more info, pics, and update + YouTube Channel (link)

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