Zain Bloggers Ghabga

I was invited to attend Zain Bloggers’ Ghabga last Tuesday, August 9th, 2011 in Beit AlSadu. The place was lit with Zain’s colors! Once you get in you get greeted by the Lovely Ms. Hala Abu AlHasan who welcomes you and take you in

I came in an hour late, but just in time when the event started…. I missed the first 10 minutes or so! It was quite nice and very cozy! The location was also superb! It did not take me long to get there, plus the place, and old renovated house – gives you a feeling and a taste/flavor of the past! After the intro and speech, everyone was invited to have dinner (ghabga) – they had set a place for ladies to chit chat – a dewaniya like room for guys to socialize and play cards! It was super nice and family-like! Good job Zain 😉

On the way out, each one of us got a sadu bag (made of weaved wool) – gotta love Zain catch phrases which reflects warmth and connection

Oh and I gotta admit the nice touch added by Zain’s Social Media team for personalizing a card to each one of us with something that reflects their interest and blog theme – mine was “She lives to eat… 😛 Ansam518” Very nice (hats of to Hala Abu AlHassan, Mohammed AlMuhaini, and Nasser AlMutawa)

The bag was heavy… it contained a long rectangular shape box, a wrapped gift, and three  tins of traditional sweets of Kuwait

Rahash (sesame tahini squares) and darabeel (dry Kuwaiti style cinnamon rolls)

The gift was HTC Sensation 😉 Thank you Zain 😀

And yummy dry fruit from The Nut Tree <3

Oh and may I say that the star of the night was LujainTalks – God Bless her 😀

Picture taken from Jacqui 😉

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