Where Were You on August 2nd 1990?

We were in Spain! It was the second day of our summer vacation there! We had arrived the day before and just got settled! Next day, my uncle (God rest his soul in peace) came to our apartment really early in the morning! My mom was devastated – my dad and older sister were still in Kuwait (they were scheduled to come a week later)! She wanted to take the next flight home, little did we know… the airport was shut down and all flights were cancelled!


It was a total mess! It took me and my younger sisters a while to absorb the shock and understand the whole thing – first things that popped into our minds at the time were;

  • Are we gonna see dad and my sister anytime soon?
  • No school???
  • Can we survive this?



That summer I had my fabric coloring set and I started doing designs of Kuwait on Tees to wear out and to demonstrations organized by the embassy for myself, sisters, and other Kuwaitis in the Apartment complex with us!


Its been 21 years since that day…. I still remember details of it! It was one of the longest days ever! I remember taking my dad’s radio to the balcony to seek Arabic channels – I got a couple and none of which were defending Kuwait – they were just broadcasting it as news and a shock! I remember Lebanon was the first country to condemn the invasion!


Where were you on that day?

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