Where to “Ghabga”?

Ghabga, a meal between Futoor and Suhoor. Friends and family members usually gather for a Ghabga feast where a variety of food is served. (link). I prefer to go light on both futoor & suhoor meals – which leaves Ghabga as my real meal during Ramadan – of course, that is not always the case 😛


Anyways, I decided to drop a post here and there of places I think are suitable for Ghabga during Ramadan – again, I prefer home cooked meals, but a change every now and then won’t hurt – plus, some of the recommended options are of restaurants, food items, cafes, home cooked meals, that could be from previous visits but I saw them as good options 😉 They will include light meals, full courses meals, desserts, drinks…. and more!


Today I will go with The One Cafe

A while back I went to The One Cafe – The Gourmet Theater with my friend Amoona! She suggested we drop by for a relaxing atmosphere – she is right 😉 If it wasn’t for people in the cafe, I would have taken more pictures of the place… the setting is classy cozy! You go in as if you are walking into a furniture showroom with furniture on display that you get to actually sit on and order! We picked the sofas – there are different style sofas and dining tables also 😉

We both ordered Ginger Mojitos! Instant boost and freshness! I loved it. Oh and initially, we want to have light snacks… so we opted for soups! Amoona ordered Mushroom Soup – which came in a big bowl! It looks like the mushroom soup of Armani Cafe, doesn’t it? She said it was good

It also came with bread sticks, each with a different spread.. she loved those too as we use them as munchies and we dip’em in the soup YUMM

I ordered the Plantain and Pumpkin Soup! It also came in a big bowl and two bread slices on the side

The soup was hearty and delicious.. I would have prefered it without the veggie tiny pieces here and there! It would have been more delicious if it was pumpkin soup… period! With no additions! The bread on the side? Well… hmmm I have mixed feelings, I do not like or dislike it… toasted sundried tomato bread wedges would have been a better option to me 😉

Amoona was hungry and decided to order a main course… she made me hungry so I ordered one too 😛 She went with the Feta Chicken and Spinach

As for me, I went with the Pasta Production – which is a different menu that you get to pick your pasta from, add toppings, veggies, meat, sauces…etc! I simply wanted Spaghetti Bolognese, but believe it or not… out of the menu, there is no spaghetti in the pasta section, nor bolognese sauce!! So I opted for penne, with tomato cream sauce, sausage, mushrooms, dundried tomatoes, pine nuts, cashew nuts, and chili flakes….

I really wanted a simple pasta… penne with grilled chicken and creamy tomato sauce… but he kept on saying “No ma’am…. pick from each category” LOL so I did, and it wasnt bad but it was a busy busy dish!

All in all, it was all good… the company, the atmosphere, and the food – I would drop by every once in a while but I dont see myself as a regular customer there! However, there is a soup on the menu that I plan to go try soon 😉

The total came to KD14.600


The Once Cafe – Gorumet Theater is located on the first floor of Marina Mall (Salem AlMubarak St side) and their Tel# is 22244511


I honestly don’t know if they have fixed Ramadan like previous years (link)

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