Where to “Ghabga”?

Zafran is celebrating Ramadan with their special menu made specially for this month. It is priced at KD6.5 per person! It goes like this (and I believe its a buffet); dates and nuts, Zafran Salad, Lentil Soup, Zafran Kebab, Chicken Tikka Massala, Malay Kufta, Daal Bukhara, Chicken Biryani, selection of bread and desserts + drinks!


Now why am I recommending it? Its because I visited Zafran last month but did not have time to post a review about their food till now – which was really good – and I’m sure their Ramadan menu is as good as their regular one 😉

It was Friday and we decided to have lunch out that day – Indian Food to be specific! So Zafran it is… since I wanted to try it – I missed out on the soft opening invitation, so why wait more you know 😉

The restaurant was bigger than I projected! It is decorated in modern art-deco kinda atmosphere, in warm colors of red, orange, yellow + black

With the kitchen in a glass room in the middle of the restaurant 🙂

Its quite nice and different…

Now its time to order

At first we were sitting in a booth, but it wasn’t comfortable, so we switched to tables… MUCH better…. anyways, as usual -and before food- we got a basket of Indian Papad and bread sticks with dipping sauces and condiments (I love this part of dining out in an Indian restaurant – just LOVE papad SO MUCH)

Crispy and golden yellow in color – just perfect – ohhhh I want some now!

Aside of the dipping sauces/condiments, there was an extra plate for chutney dipping sauce to go with it 😉 I love this green chutney sauce and I always order extra for later when my main course arrives

For drinks, we ordered a large bottle of water, one Mango Lassi for Anfal, and One Zafran Almond Lassi for me

I did not like mine much – I had mixed feelings, one sip its sweet and the other is a bit on the salty side! Now usually I like those mixed signals but not with this drink, I didnt… I wanted it to be richer in almond taste, but I guess I just prefer Lassi in its original form, not with any flavor!

For appetizers, we ordered Samosa Platter, I did not try any of which but they said it was pretty good!

My dad ordered Dal Shorba (lentil soup) and he liked it so much

I, on the other hand, with my funky taste buds wanted to try the Tamatar Dhaniya Shorba, which is made of tomatoes, green apples, and coriander! And guess what? I LOVED IT! But its more of a winter soup – which I will be definitely ordering again and again <3

Garlic Naan – Mimmi’s favorite – YUMMMM! Fresh fresh fresh, soft, and smells so good!

Now for the main course… my dad ordered seafood as usual (he is a true seafood lover)! He wanted to know what kind of fish it was, and all they said it was white fish.. so he did not mind! He said it was cooked right, the spices were mild – just like as he ordered it and he accompanied it with vegetable biryani rice

I ordered my favorite Indian dish.. Butter Chicken and it was AMAZING! The sauce was creamy perfect and I just have to say that I really appreciate their efforts into making us happy! I asked for Jeera rice, which isn’t on the menu but the chef made it for me anyways and it was lovely!

Mimmi also wanted lamb with stew, which I forgot the name of and they did not have… she was gonna order butter chicken but the waitress suggested she try this dish; I think its called Achari Gosht (not sure) and she said it did not disappoint her… she liked it 😀 She had it with plain rice

Anfal… a true Indian food lover got creative and carried away! She ordered Malai Kofta with a side sauce of “je ne sais quoi” and plain biryani rice

And no… I am not done yet 😛 Time for sweets! We ordered to regular tea and two jasmine herbal tea

One Gajar Halwa (AMAZING and MUST have carrot dessert) that came in with a sauce on the side! Not all Indian restaurants offer this dish so make sure to give it a go 😀

And the other dessert was the ice cream trio – It came in three flavors; mango, raspberry, and maybe pistachio (sorry I forgot), and a side of some sort of pasta (balaleet like?) that I didnt try but I tried all flavors of the ice cream and the raspberry was a HIT!

Our total came to KD38.750 which is reasonable for the taste, service, and amount of food served!

We even left with a good big bag of food to enjoy later in the day 😉

Zafran, Contemporary Indian cuisine, is located on the 1st floor of Centerpoint building in Salmiya on Salem AlMubarak St. and their Tel# 25750647


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