Where to “Ghabga”?

As promised –a couple of nights ago– here is my post for the Bloggerettes Ghabga at Lenôtre held last Thursday at Lenôtre Seaside on August 4th 2011

I arrived about the exact same time with JustNoon and PinkGirl… we got in to our specially arranged and reserved table by the huge glass window display at the end of the restaurant!

Everything looked elegantly chic.. super chic! The arrangement was done in a similar manner to that of famous Lenôtre wedding and party settings. The silverware and plates, the flowers, the special cups all with a hint of gold and purple… and some pink! Each guest had a rolled up “Menu of the Day”

They get you their Ramadan plexi tray of dates, pickles, and chili paste right away

Then a tray of specially made Ramadani drinks; Dates & Vanilla, Qamareddine (apricot), Jullab (made of dates, molasses, rose water, and garnished with pinenuts)…. I opted for Dates & Vanilla which was out of this world! I can have it as a breakfast anytime of the year <3

Now as girls were arriving, and the restaurant was kinda empty at the time of our Ghabga… we were like free flying butterflies taking pictures all over the place… as the restaurant started getting crowded, we continued to do the same… we were just having fun and snapping different pictures away 😉 We waited till everyone was here… Danderma was the last to arrive – fashionably late I guess 😉


Now lets walk to the Salad Bar… shall we?

Everything looked perfectly set… two kinds of soup (lentil and veggies) and many salads and dips… appetizers too! I got stuffed vine leaves and they were tangy and lemony yummy! I also got hummos and eggplant dip, and beetroot salad

Loved the decorations on the bar by the way <3

We talked about so many things during the ghabga… our favorite TVCs, shows, blog news… some bloggers met for the first time and they were happy to put the face to the name they know… it was such a nice night and the service was superb! Oh and noon had some sort of stuffed pasta from the salad bar that she was like ANSAM YOU HAVE TO TRY IT! It was AMAZING! A ravioli like only its served with tarator based sauce (tahini) and not creamy or cheese (or tomato) sauce! If you see some on the salad bar, make sure you try it!


Anyways… back to the table, here is our menu of the day

For the starters on the table… included in their fixed daily menu, we got Harees (peeled wheat), Kibbeh, Sambosa (potatoes), and some fresh bread baskets

And shorty after followed by the main courses in the cutest pots ever! Traditional looking but with a modern retro look! Colored in bright shades of blue, green, fuchsia, orange, and yellow… with prints, different ones on each! LOVED’em! So due to my great passion and love of food… and because I wanted to have everything… I was doing it the French way – its all about small portions and variety (Just like in that episode of Oprah Winfrey -with Mireille Guiliano, author of French Women Don’t Get Fat)

Check out the sambosa plate emptying up! I prefer ground meat or cheese sambosa, but I couldn’t resist having one because of the girls talk about it… it wasnt bad at all

The menu consisted of Ravioli with Creamy Mushroom Sauce – AMAZING! Shish Barak (which I ate the most of – LOVED it) – Mougharbieh with Chicken & Lamb… I had to try it just as Noon explained it to me, with the accompanying sauce! I poured in some yogurt sauce from the shish barak on it too, it added a flavor and I liked it 😉 – Sweet & Sour Chicken, although not very Ramadan-esque, but I had a couple of bites, nice 😉 – and Ouzi with Vegetable Rice, which was good too

Chef Sam’an passed by our table quite a few times… at one of his stops he went ahead and talked about his experience in the restaurants, and how they decided to open for futoor this year for the first time ever, he also had a surprise for us – a draw (dinner for four) and the winner was MeBlogging 😀 Congrats babe :*

Now its desserts time 😉 What did we have that day? Om Ali, Layali Ramadan with honey, Testo Negro, Rose Ice Cream (and they got us rahash “sesame” flavor too to try), and cheese kunafa!

I love to take picture of Noon taking pictures 😛 I do it a lot hehehe

Honestly I skipped everything and went straight away to my frozen yummies… I had a spoonful of the Rahash ice cream above, which was light in flavor… but the star of the night, and you can read that too in other bloggerettes posts, was the ROSE WATER ICE CREAM

Piece of art… refreshing, yummy, and rich in flavor! The rose water infusion was total perfection <3 <3 I will go back for MORE for sure 😉

The night was filled with fun! Us girls, fabulous company surrounded by elegant atmosphere and devouring on mouthwatering dishes!

I hope you guys get to try it this year.. its amazing! And the price per person is KD13… 10% of which will go to Bayt Abdullah 😉

For more info, check out MMC‘s restaurants on their website -Facebook Page (link) and follow them on Twitter @MMCKuwait or you can call 1805050 Ext25


Now the other part of this post will take you to other people’s posts on the table with some selected pictures, starting from JustNoon on my right! We almost share the same taste in food, and when she suggest I try something I know it will be good! Love this girl :*

7ajiDude next… love her sense of style – different and brave – and same goes for her style of pics! She was as colorful as the dishes were! Love her spirit and big smile 😀

LadyB, who is not afraid of sharing her style secrets on her blog! She came in dressed in bright colorful attire with her camera ready to take pictures of food and her outfit giving us a taste of both; food and fashion 😉

Um3azoz – a friend that I met because we share the same interest! Food, cooking, and frozen yummies! She is the Queen of Gelato Italiano! I love this lady so much! She is a fabulous mom too… and you can see that from her blog posts – God bless her and her little family <3 Love them all

And the famous MeBlogging <3 The girl behind the fashionable lenses! The one that take the most fashionable pictures of secret models! The way she snaps – she really works it! I will let her pictures do the talk 😉

And another Foodie friend of mine, Toomzie 😉 A happy spirit and a food lover – nice combo for those who are in for a good company when dining out – well not just that but you know what I mean 😉 She is FJBliss and F is for FAB 😉

And Danderma 😀 😀 Now where do I start? He style of writing which led her to writing her first book – The Chronicles of Dathra 😉 Or her style of taking pictures… and let me tell you this, she makes vegetarian food looks so good in her pictures and this is coming from a true meat lover! She is amazing and very thoughtful too :*

And PinkGirl who wrote her reviews in two parts (here and here) She knows how to make everyone laugh! She is full of charisma *mashallah* and have lots of stories to share! Love her down to earth personality as well as her company! Good thing she was sitting facing me throughout the feast 😀

Oh and you know whats funny and sad in the same time? We did not snap a picture of ourselves (with our faces together) as much as we did with food LOL! We should have had a group picture! Nevertheless, it was a night to remember and a food to go back to soon inshallah 😀 Thank you MMC for picking me to be the host of this lovely evening, I hope I did a good job 😀

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