Where to “Ghabga”?

Yesterday, @Kuweat tweeted me Choowy Goowy website and asked me to check out – specially the personalized your cookie part!

I hesitated because I was fasting and was afraid that I will order more than I need! Turn out I was right 😛

I was right! I ordered three jars!

The original of course – Love those, my favorite 😀

Their Choowy Goowy of the mounth, Rocky Road

And personalized mini cookies with flake – not bad at all 😀


Total came to KD11.500 with delivery!


The cookies always bring a smile  – specially in those jars! Such an eye candy 😉 The online process is kinda smooth, but I wish they had more options like asking about the dough itself or adding more than one topping and such 🙂

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