Where to “Ghabga”?

My friend and I decided to have a cup of tea out and some quality time together, since we haven’t done that for a while now! We decided to stop by Chocolate & Macaroon Arraya Center 😉

Let me tell you this… I’m not big on macaroons, but whenever I’m at Chocolate & Macaroon I can’t help but order a rose flavored one <3 This time I ordered one extra, the marshmallow (not bad)

The rose flavor in it is rich and I can easily say it it the best rose flavored macaroon I have ever tried!

I had mine with Earl Grey tea – perfect 🙂 Love how the pot, cup, and plate do not match at all!

My friend ordered lemon with mint… and because I kept talking about the rose macaroon, she ordered one too! She liked the rose flavor in it – as she explain it “the amount of rosewater infused is perfect and give you the whoa-factor”

Our total came to KD2.700… and it looks like they forgot to account the extra macaroon we ordered! Now I have to go back and pay for it!!!!


If you are looking for a quite ghabga out, this is the place…. we were there by 9:30PM… the place started getting busier an hour later, by the time we left.


Chocolate & Macaroon is located on the ground level of Arraya Center, and their Tel# is 22997919


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