Where to “Ghabga”?

Have your ghabga at home with family and/or friends with the Party Pack from PICK YO!

A while back I ordered the Party Pack from PICK YO

Which is designed to pack 12 PICK YO froyos up to six hours in perfect state, not overly frozen or melted!

We had a gathering at home which worked just fine for us… it arrived at 8:00PM and we opened it around 9:30PM… everything was perfect! We had the toppings (nine options) in small bowls and they looked fresh and bright in colors <3

The pack is designed uniquely! I have never seen it done before to be honest!

There is a central tower cooling system thingy in the middle, which is supposed to be extremely cold brrrrrr! I think its dry ice?

Anyways… it was a big hit that night! I had a couple *froyo addict – I KNOW*

I personally dealt with Jassem from PICK YO team and told him what I like and asked him to be creative! He did a GREAT job! The flavors included bilberry and original (and swirls)… he also got us blended ones, which they call yoPick, and they are blended with fresh fruit; mango and raspberry+blackberry (oh my berry). I had a swirl from the top tier and a mango blend from the bottom one! They are pretty light and yummy!


From the idea itself of the Party Pack, to the packaging, arrangement, freshness, and taste… I think they did a brilliant job! With our hot summer colliding with Ramadan this year, I would highly recommend PICK YO as a treat between futoor and suhoor!


The price is KD11 without toppings and KD18 with 9 toppings (I got the latter) which includes 12 froyo cups! The package can be purchases seperately for KD1.950 when ordering less than 12 froyo cups!

Oh and they have loyalty cards… I’m entitled to two free cups of plain cup – all for me, myself, and I 😛

For more info, you can call them on 22913333 – email: [email protected] – Twitter: @pick_kuwait – website: http://pick-yo.com



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