Where to “Ghabga”?

About a week ago, Abdelwahab Lebanese Restaurant (مطعم عبدالوهاب اللبناني) sent me an invitation for six persons to try out their Suhoor! We decided to go yesterday and made prior reservations for the date

Instead of Suhoor, we went for Ghabga at 10:30PM… there weren’t much crowd at the time, so we picked a table in the middle of the restaurant below their chandelier

Their Suhoor is priced at KD5 per person which includes everything; service, food, & drinks

There were set menus of five categories that you get to pick one item from each per person…. and since we were six persons, we had everything on the menu (plus some extra items of each) and decided to share it all… well, except for dessert 😉 Along with all that they give you complimentary dishes of falafel, foool (فول), chickpeas (nikhi نخي), drinks (hot and cold)

The food came in… plates started filling our tables! Their portions are generous… our order can feed not only six persons, but probably 10!

Dishes I liked a lot were their garlic labneh (I love garlic 😛 and this one was a delight لبنة بالثوم), fattouch (loved the dressing فتوش), muttabbal (متبل)

That day I had soup for futoor so I was kinda switched off the whole time… I was starving and the minute I ate my sister was like “look at this face… coming back to life” LOL

As you can see… our table was colorful and FULL of food! oh I also liked the Za’tar manaeesh (منقوشة زعتر), hummus with meat (حمص باللحمة), chicken livers (Go for this one <3 سودة أو كبدة دجاج بدبس الرمان)

The livers were emptied out (we ordered two servings of this dish – good idea) they were cooked perfectly in a yummy pomegranate molasses (دبس الرمان)! I actually used whats left of the molasses as a dip for bread and Arayaes (ground meat sandwiches in pita bread عرايس)

The chicken wings were good too! The marinade used is yummylicious! I shared that dish with Mimmi (glad no one else on the table wanted to try it out 😛 )

As for dessert, we all wanted to have Rice Pudding (رز باللبن)! Although yummy, I couldn’t finish it up!

All in all, the service was prompt and staff members were sweet and nice to us! The KD5 for such feast is so worth it, but my only concern is where the extra food goes to? I hope not to waste… oh and I wish they had Kibbeh Neyyeh (كبه نية). By the time we left the restaurant was getting busier and busier, so I recommend you make your reservations ahead of time 😀


To make reservations at Abdelwahab, call 1821000. The restaurant is located on Gulf Rd right next to Lenotre – Seaside


Special thanks to Ms. Shahad M. for arranging all this for us 😉



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