Where to “Ghabga”?

Its been few days since my last Ghabga recommendation, apologies 😉 But I have some yummy recommendation for you today! Gelato Fritto

My sisters and I were invited to a ghabga at a friend’s house yesterday! Right in front of the dinner buffet was the Gelato Fritto Station! As I was at the buffet, I could not stop but think of  fried ice cream the whole time… so I ended up with a couple of scoops of salads, one mini chicken pie and then headed to the station

Two flavors of fried ice cream; chocolate and vanilla… toppings range from shaved almond, chopped almonds, sprinkles, and three kinds of sauces!

My friend ordered vanilla – which is what I had in mind! She had hers with chocolate sauce on top and she was like “ITS SO GOOD”…

so I opted for vanilla scoop, while Anwaar -my sister- ordered chocolate!

I stole a bite from my sister’s chocolate, and it was good… but mine was coming on its way… with chocolate sauce, almonds, and chocolate sprinkles <3 <3 <3

I LOVED IT! Its on my “Approved for parties” List! The vanilla tasted better than chocolate and all the toppings complimented it really well! I enjoyed every single bite.. If I wasn’t full, I would have ordered the exact same scoop with the toppings

Click here for their Facebook Group Page, or call 99485090 if you wish to contact them directly 😉

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