Where to “Ghabga”?

My recommendation for today is Raha Stone Mill in Qadsiya Coop! I ordered a halloumi pie… very healthy, very light, flavorful, and smells so good! It was made to order… you go in, place your order and wait for it to bake on spot! The cheese itself and tomatoes on top were super fresh 😀 I like the fact that they added the tomatoes at the very end to retain the freshness taste of’em! The bread is so light and fleshy! I loved it 😀

Price tag? KD1.650

We shop regularly at Raha Stone Mill for fresh mozzarella, bread loafs, pies and mana’eesh, camel milk, and more! Their products are amazing – a bit on the pricey side though 😉


Raha Stone Mill is located in Al Qadsiya Coop Shopping Plaza next to the Coop groceries store and their tel 22549106/66645888


You can also find their menu on Q8PD (link)


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