What’s Your Favorite Ramadani Dessert?

After reading Danderma’s Lgaymat Post, I asked myself… what is my favorite Ramadani dessert? Hmmmmm!!! Check out the pics below, not all of them are limited to the holy month of Ramadan, but lets go along with it…

Is it Mhalbiya? Is it Sab El Gafsha??? Is it jello??? Is it custard? Rice puddint? Dates/dates pudding or cake? Rahash? Gers Ogaily??? Yowame3?? Ghrayba?

Is it Basboosa? (Mimmi’s work – LOVED it)

Is it Rangeena? (check out this beauty sent to us by Um Bader – YUMMY – Thanks)

Is it Cream Caramel?

Well… its none other than LGAYMAT 😀 😀 My favorite Ramadani dessert 😀 Although I like to indulge every once in a while in some other desserts during this month, but lgaymat are my favorite by far in Ramadan 😀
Those were made by our cook Bibi :*

What’s your favorite dessert in Ramadan?

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