The Proteges G2 – Nepal – Day 3

I’m sorry it took me a while to write about The Proteges Day 3 in Nepal (Click here for Day 2) Their day started at the hotel for breakfast in Pokhara.

And as usual… the element of surprise! The Proteges have no idea what was planned for the day! Little did they know about their hiking trip! Yes!! They were going to hike a 5,000 ft mountain 😉 Look at the happy faces before hiking 😉

Now its time… they started going up the mountain, all happy and joyful – still full of energy

They were very excited to the idea of reaching the peak of the mountain… here they are half way through the hike

Some of them got tired and exhausted, some stopped for a short break… but they were all so happy to get back on track to reach the top! It kinda gave them a taste of the Nepalese people lifestyle… those who live there; small houses, less fortunate kids…. until they saw this old woman carrying a BIG basket! It was fascinating! She looked old but strong willed and happy! She smiled at them… with no single drop of sweat on her forehead! They were touched deeply!

She’s old, dressed in ragged clothes, working so hard on top of a mountain to earn a living… despite all that, her simple smile, with no exchange of words, sent positive vibes and a strong message; Life can be beautiful no matter how much and how big your burdens seems to be! Nothing is worth deep sadness! “It was the extra boost they needed to reach the peak” -Protege Yaqoub Al Nafisi explained.


Moreover, The Proteges were mesmerized by the Nepalese people! They simply admired the beautiful scenery and surroundings everyday…. and no matter how many times they saw the same view, their eyes would still glow with hope every time. Check out Protege Abdulwahab Buhaimed taking a deep breath (and maybe thoughts) in this beautiful land

Here is Mentor Shamlan AlBahar with some counselors and proteges posing with kids on their way to the top of the mountain! I love this picture

“Our jaws dropped and we almost drooled when we reached the top. Deep inside I was asking myself could heaven on earth be any better?” states one of the proteges.

It was naturally breathtaking and exquisite landscape scenery. Lesson learned? REACH your target the hard way so you can appreciate it more 😉 If they have landed at the top of the mountain by a helicopter they wouldn’t have appreciated the scenery as much as they did when they cooled down and laid on the grass! It just wont be the same experience… maybe fun, but not as much as the hike and the encounters on the way 😉 Others took pictures of the temple that was there.

Mentor Ahmed AlMajed went back down to bring up those who wanted to rest so they would join for the session Mentor Yarub Burhama has prepared for them. It was a session on top of a mountain, surely none of the proteges ever imagined that! Lucky 😉

Mentor Burhama started his ‘thinking out of the box’ session by reading some Jubran Khalil Jubran’s literature asking the proteges what they think the poet meant and discussing the brilliant writings of Jubran. Then, he showed them a book of an American artist, Norman Rockwell, who draws real life pictures creatively… asking each student to pick a picture they like and state why (I love those games). Last part of the session was a book by Shel Silverstein, The Giving Tree. The proteges read and acted the book which basically emphasized the importance of giving.


After the session, they went down the mountain to visit a Tibetan refugee camp where they had the chance to meet some hard working refugees. They also went to see and buy some of the hand-woven carpets and bags, saw how it was made, and even participated a bit! It was amazing how they lived in harmony and how they created a home for themselves.

The day ended with a soccer match, stunned with mentor Shamlan AlBahar’s tricks! But of course the winning team was mentor Ahmed AlMajed’s team 🙂

Stay tuned for Day 4 😉


For more you can check their official website (link), journal on Pink Coffee Blog (link), and follow the on Twitter @the_proteges

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